Allowance & Chores Bot

Manage your children’s allowance and chores


• Extremely easy to use.

• Fun for kids to get chores done and see their savings grow.

• Automatically syncs data between iOS and Android devices.

• Manage multiple allowances and chores.

• Weekly, daily, or monthly allowances.

• Assign chores with a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule

• Allowance and chore payments can be automatic or on approval.

• Keep track of your child’s savings, spending, and punishments.

• Deduct money when your child spends their allowance.

• Withhold future allowance payments as punishment.

• Receive reminders when you forget to approve an allowance.

• Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.


“Kids…will have fun with this app.  [Families] can manage all chores in one place and track who has completed their chores and who has earned their allowance.” 

U.S. News & World Report, 27 April 2016

Using Allowance & Chores Bot

Each child has their own page where they can see their savings grow, and parents can edit settings and make changes.  You can choose to pay your kids with real or pretend currencies such as smileys, stars, or simoleons.

Kids can see the chores due each day and check them off as they’re done

Animation – the animated 

Allowance & Chores Bot robot lets your kids know when they have chores to do, when they are doing well, and when they are being punished.

Parents can easily approve or unapprove individual allowance payments and chore payments up to 30 days after they occur.

Avatars – Children can use a photo, or choose from 16 avatars to represent their personality or interests.

Allowance Graph – The allowance graph allows your children to watch their savings grow and see how much savings they'll have in the future.

Access allowances from multiple devices


• Parents and children can login with the same account on different iOS and Android devices and see the same information.

• Allowances and settings are automatically synced across multiple iOS and Android devices. Changes appear in real time.

• A Parental Passcode allows only parents to change settings, and add or deduct money.

• An optional child passcode can be enabled for each child to protect their chore TODO list, and allow them to change their photo or avatar.

Tailor your account to fit your allowance style


• Choose a daily, weekly, or monthly allowance.

• Schedule the day of the week, or month to give the allowance.

• Input an allowance amount for each child.

• Select whether you want allowances to accrue automatically or only when you approve them.

• Give rewards for special chores or achievements.