Enabling Child Notifications and Reminders

Allowance & Chores Bot lets you enable notifications and reminders on your children's devices.

  • Parents can, at the touch of a button, send reminders to their children's devices to remind them to do their chores.
  • Parents can set multiple reminders to automatically remind children to do their chores at specific time(s) of the day.
  • Parents can receive notifications when a child completes a chore, a child has spent money, and when payments are waiting to be approved.
  • Children can receive notifications of events: the child received a deposit, the child received a deduction, the child's allowance will be withheld, and when a child's payment was approved.

Notifications must be enabled on each of the devices that you want to receive and display notifications.

To enable notifications and reminders on your child's device, open the app on your child's device, tap on the Settings Tab, and then tap Device Settings.

In Device Settings, tap the Notifications button.

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Tap the section titled "Notifications for Children".

Select the notifications you would like your child to recieve on this device.

For "Time of day chore reminders", you can tap the plus sign (+) to add up to four times of the day to receive chore reminders on this device.

In this example we selected all of the child notification options, and added two "Time of day chore reminders".

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Tap the section titled "Select Children".

Select the chidren you wish to receive notifications on this device.

The "Time of day chore reminders" with only be received on this device if the selected children still have chores remaining to be done.

Tap Save.

Notifications and reminders have now been enabled on this child's device. You can close the app on this device and go back to the app on your own device.

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In the previous step we enabled notifications and reminders on Emma's device. In the following steps we will send a notification from your device (the parent's device), and it will appear on Emma's device.

Now open the app on your device (the parent's device), and from the Main Screen tap on a child whose device you enabled to receive notifications. In this example, we'll tap on Emma.

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Tap the Chores button on Emma's screen.

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Then, near the upper right corner of the screen, tap the "Send Reminder..." button.

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The default text in the reminder says, "Emma, you have chores to do". You can change this to say anything you want.

Tap Send.

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Emma will now see a reminder notification on her device with the text you sent.

You can send chore reminders at any time, and as often as you want.

The "Time of day" chore reminders will occur at the time you selected on their device.

If you enabled other types of notifications on your child's device, then you can test those by doing actions that trigger those notifications. These notifications are triggered when you deposit money into the child's savings, deduct money from the child's savings, withhold allowance from the child, and approve a payment for the child.

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